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Staff Wanted
There is now an exciting opportunity for two individuals why not apply to manage the Tafarn sinc . This could be a couple or two individuals who  have experience as Bar Managers and or Kitchen Managers. Would be suitable for a couple, partnership or two individuals that are able to work together  running  an already succsessful pub/restuarant . There is one provisio, that the front of house (bar) must  be a Welsh speaker. All other staff cleaners,waiting staff etc are already in place. Excellent remuneration package availalbe and living quarters. The Tafarn Sinc is situated in a stunning location  nestled in the heart of the  Preseli Mountain
Please contact me for futher details,  via this web site or via the above.

Diolch y Bawb--- Thank you all.

.     (for English version)   (for Welsh version)
Share option will continue until we reach 1876 shares have been sold, this represents the year the Tafarn sicn was originally built and at that time know as the  Gwesty Presseli  (Hotel) . There is now a furhter option of purchasing the shares by a simple direct debit of 20.00 per month
Welsh Version of the form can be obtained here.
English Version of the form can be obatined here.